Hey y’all! As you can see by my blog name, I am the wife of a hardworking man, the mother of two crazy kids, and a small cell cervical cancer survivor.  None of these things and all of them define who I am, so why do I feel the need to blog, you may ask.  Why does anyone feel the need?  I am muddling through this thing called life, and hopefully I will have some insights that you have never thought of(or maybe you will have the meaning of life, and share it in a comment).

I am sharing my imperfect life in the hopes that I can reach at least one person, and in the process, I hope to show my babies that the world is full of blemishes and beauty…you just have to get through the rough spots to find your blessings.


7 thoughts on “About

  1. I am new here to WP so I’m stalking the comment sections of blogs I already follow to find new blogs to follow… that’s why I’m here!

    Laughter gets me through my day so I’m looking forward to getting your post in my reader!

  2. HI, your nickname caught my attention and the first thing I want you to read is that for me all Cancer survivors are such a warriors, I had the opportunity to work for almost three years taking care of two beautiful kids and their mom is also a cancer survivor, some how I now what you mean. I work as a professional baby sitter, I love kids, and I also enjoy listening to stories about behavior experiences with children, Probably in the future, you can help me with some of your thoughts in my new and only blog.


    Take a look and I hope to hear from you soon.

    • Hey, thanks for the kind words. Being a professional sitter is a very demanding, but rewarding job. I did it for a while, and any time those cuties did something that I had an influence on have me great pride.
      I checked out your blog. Keep on writing, and I hope you get the responses you’re looking for 🙂

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