Worst Habits


1. I eat my dinner in the bathtub.
2. I go to sex clubs.
3. I watch freaky people getting it on.

Kidding! Kidding! Eating in the tub is gross!!

I don’t have very many bad habits, but probably the worst is being late all the time. It’s not that I feel my time is more important, or that I don’t want to follow through on the plans we’ve made. I just get distracted very easily.

Also, and I don’t know if this is a habit or a quirk, but I spout song lyrics and movie quotes all the damn time. I’m sure it gets annoying for the friends/family who have to look them up. Luckily, I have two friends who “get” me, so we’ll usually end up quoting an entire movie.

That’s it. Two that I can think of. I’m sure the mister or the bestie with testes would be able to think of a million more, but nah nah, na nah nah…they’re not here.

So, what are some of your bad habits?


3 thoughts on “Worst Habits

  1. The only thing annoying is that you remember more than me, so I have to spin mental wheels trying to remember the quote and I lose my timing 🙂 I need to go Clockwork Orange style on a top 50 movie re-education or something.

    As for song lyrics, you listen to weird stuff. Like Selena.

  2. I think the quote communication is a rather common quirk. Sadly, I’m like this with top-rated comments on image sharing sites like imgur, so hardly anyone gets my references, and when someone does, I get a weird look.

    This sounds gross, but I pull my eyelashes when stressed. It’s not to the point that I get bald spots, and I don’t think it qualifies for a mental health diagnosis, but it weirds people out because I don’t seem to care if other people are around.

    Also, I tend to say “what?” a lot, even when the conversation doesn’t call for it. So I come off as rude, or inattentive.

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