What Am I Afraid Of?


Jesus! The easier question would be “What am I NOT afraid of?”

I’m afraid of heights. Not just any heights, because I can go on an airplane and I can zipline. Very specifically, I am afraid of heights with a ledge. Ladders, cliffs, and anything that has “overlook” in its description.

I’m afraid to be alone. I’d rather be in a horrible relationship than be alone. I’ve been in some seriously codependent partnerships.

I’m afraid of roaches. Yeah, I know they don’t physically hurt people, but they are creepy as fuck! When I was little, we lived with my aunt and uncle for a while, and they had those flying waterbugs!! Nightmares came alive in that house! Don’t even get me started on Joe’s Apartment! How anyone thought that was a good idea, I’ll never know!

I’m afraid of puberty. Not mine, of course. That’s long done and over with. I have an 11 year old boy and an almost 8 year old girl. Both highly emotional already. One of us might not make it out alive. I want in on the pot once y’all decide the odds.

I’m absolutely NOT afraid of dying. I’m very sure that my children will be well taken care of. My husband may struggle in understanding me, but he adores our children. My parents are only in their fifties, so I’m hoping they will be around for a while longer, and they love my children, as well. I feel like I’ve started a solid foundation in my babies, so I’ve accomplished a lot in my mind.



7 thoughts on “What Am I Afraid Of?

  1. Not trying to terrify you, but I read somewhere that roaches have been found to eat children’s eyelashes and hair while they sleep. Also, in the old days, they would gnaw on sailors’ nails to where the sailors wore gloves to protect themselves. I’m hoping it’s all BS.

    Dying is the thing I’m most scared of. I don’t know why. I just… that process. Aging. Whatever. I’m going to deal with it anyway. Nothing to do about it.

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