Hell Bound Housewife


So happy to know there are more women out there like me.


I am going to hell.  After the weekend I had, I’m nearly certain of that.

He had been wanting sex all week.  I can’t clean a baseboard, make a bed, or stand still for that matter, without his hands on my ass, or pulling at the waist band of my jeans to see what my panties look like.  It DRIVES ME CRAZY.  I know, I should feel grateful that after as many years as we have been together that he is still attracted to me, but for the most part I just want to put the socks away without having his hand poking and prodding.

What men don’t realize, or at least my man doesn’t (even though I told him) – if women are constantly reminded at how sex deprived the other half is, the more we are asked, the more insinuations are made, the less we want it.  My brain…

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