Writing prompts are for the unimaginative



Just kidding!! We do what works, right? I’ve never been a self starter. Always the student who has to be told exactly what is expected of her. The employee who has to have a list of objectives. The wife who has to have needs spelled out to her….you get the gist. My list of imperfections is a mile long, and a.d.d. is one of them, so this is getting kind of tedious.
So, there’s my introduction. If you’re following my blog, thank you. You know how sporadically I post, but for my own mental health, I’m going to try a new approach this year. If you’re not following me, I hope you see something you like, and that changes.
I’m not a follow for follow kind of girl, and honestly, I only follow blogs I find interesting, so I hope y’all do the same. I’ve been on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. I know it’s a numbers game to some people, but I’d rather just read for entertainment.
Now for a recent picture:


I’d like to say “new year; new me”, but nope. Same old me. Sitting on the couch. Doing absolutely nothing productive with my life.

Happy New Year to you and yours! Hope it’s all you hope for 🙂


7 thoughts on “Writing prompts are for the unimaginative

    • It definitely can be. There’s probably going to be some more controversial stuff appearing, as well, because I find writing therapeutic 🙂
      Happy New Year to you, and can’t wait to read more from you and your alter ego!

  1. Thanks for stopping by and following. Writing prompts are NOT for the unimaginative. They’re supposed to rev you up to better organize the thoughts you already have. I too was the student who had to have things told to me. If you left me to my own devices, I’d often freeze up because I didn’t know what the person wanted or needed.

    No shame in posting sporadically. I read posts relating to bloggers’ guilt, for posting infrequently or whatnot. Personally, I think a blog should be one of those places where it’s acceptable for things to be focused on you and your personal writing schedule. 🙂

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