Reasons I’m Considering Atheism


1. Sunday is for sleep

2. I loathe looking for Easter outfits for my son and daughter. They. Hate. Everything!

3. Christmas gives me stress. Stress gives me pimples. 38 year olds shouldn’t get pimples.

Other than that, God and I are good. We discuss daily events. I ask that he looks after my family, and considers keeping the cancer far away from me.

I get it. I understand the disbelief. What I don’t understand is the animosity between the, let’s say two, factions. The religious and the non religious. If I’m not trying to convert you to my way of thinking, what business is it of yours what my beliefs are? I have friends who are devout Catholics. I’ve had coworkers who were Muslim. Hell, my best friend is agnostic.

The beautiful thing about being a human is that you should be able to look past all the bullshit, and see a person’s worth by their actions and not their beliefs.


Merry Christmas, y’all


2 thoughts on “Reasons I’m Considering Atheism

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