Sailor Mouth


I’m trying to put an end to my salty language. I love cuss words. They taste great in my mouth, but I’m really trying. It’s hard, because there are a lot of dumb shits and assholes in this world.

Then my bestie with testes sends something like this:

If you are a fan of Louis CK, you’ll realize the reason this kind of post defeats my purpose. Louis says, “Everybody – everybody has different words that offend them, different things that they hear that they get offended by – I’m – to me, the thing that offends me the most, is every time that I hear the “N” word. Not “nigger” by the way. I mean the “N” word, literally whenever a white lady on CNN with nice hair says: “The ‘N’ word.” That’s just white people getting away with saying nigger, that’s all that is. They found a way to say nigger. “N word.” It’s bullshit cause when you say the “N word” you put the word nigger in the listeners head.”

I don’t say the word, nor the assumptive phrase he uses, but the reddit post makes me cuss along with them. They are quite imaginative in their vocabulary, and frankly, I’m kind of  jealous.

Cussing, to me, is just one more thing to be addicted to. I don’t do drugs, I hardly drink, and I no longer smoke. After food and social media, cussing is all I have left.



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