50 Followers! YES!


I got to 100 this past weekend, but unfortunately didn’t have connection where I was. Every time I get an alert for a new follower, I do a happy dance.
Here’s to many more followers, Ms. Dottie Daniels 🙂

The Write Perspective


Seriously I’m soooo happy about that! Yeah, yeah, yeah- I know there are bloggers who have thousands and tens of thousands of names to look at whenever they go to their dashboard to see who’s interested in what they have to say. I know they’ve been blogging for a lot longer than I have and they deserve such a following by posting interesting and sometimes controversial opinions about sensitive topics. I also know that the idea of one person following them by now, no longer excites them, whatsoever.

Not me.

I really want to a cartwheel when I find out I have a new person who chooses to get an email every time I’ve written anything on WP. I do wish everyone of them well and nothing but complete, happy blogging experiences here- just by my sheer will for it alone. At 50 followers, these people still have tremendous value to…

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