Day 27: A quote you try to live by



Yes, I know it’s October, and my writing challenge should be finished, but it isn’t. Suck it! Just kidding. You don’t have to suck anything you don’t want to.

This quote, I feel, is a bastardization of:

“Fear less, hope more; eat less, chew more; whine less, breathe more; talk less, say more; love more, and all good things will be yours.” ~ Swedish proverb

I hardly ever let worry or stress control my life, and it drives my husband cuh-razy! He is a constant worrier. Sometimes I feel like he enjoys it, or that it’s what drives him. That’s why I have a feeling he has an ulcer at the moment.  My best friend worries…a lot….about everything. It’s enough to drive a saint to drink.

I’m available to them for advice at a moments notice, even though I know that it will not be taken. I’m a human sounding board, and I will listen to all of their problems. I hardly ever never roll my eyes at what they deem life’s greatest problems at the moment. I love them both. In very different ways. I think that’s the main reason I am able to listen to them, because I love them more than I could ever hate their complaining/worrying.


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