Day 12: 5 Guys whom you find attractive


Oh gosh! There are way more than 5, that’s for sure! I am an overweight, stay at home mom, so my fantasy world is extensive. Let’s see if I can narrow it down.


1. Jensen Ackles – I don’t know if it’s his looks or his voice, but that supernatural investigator is pretty damn yummy!


2. Mike Ness – Umm…..tattooed, singer, plays guitar, and wears eyeliner. Still hot after 50!!



3. Ryan Gosling – Abs. Nuff said.



4. Adam Rodriguez – I can’t leave out my spicy latino men! I’ve crushed on this one since CSI: Miami. He’s a good actor, and his smile is mesmerizing.



5.  My husband – of course. Why would I marry someone I didn’t find attractive?!? He’s been through thick and thin with me, and for some reason, he sticks around and still loves me 🙂



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