Day 7: 5 Pet Peeves


1. With all of the resources out there to help writers, the fact that spelling and grammar are still an issue irks me. I’ve had my share of hitting send before I’ve had a chance to spell check, but my blog is different. I make every effort to edit, so that it makes sense.


2. Chewing or talking with a mouth full of food. You’re an adult, not a toddler…you should know better.

3. People who don’t grocery shop responsibly. Treat it like the road, and don’t block the aisle!

4. List blogs that quote, verbatim, from Buzzfeed. Yup. I saw the list of things women really mean when they say “nothing’s wrong”. At least pretend you think we’re more intelligent than Buzzfeed does.

5. Grumpy old people. I hope and pray that I don’t become one. My maternal grandma was the sweetest woman you could ever meet, but my daddy’s mom, not so much. My mother in law was really nice 14 years ago, but time has definitely made her bitterness more pronounced. I think if life is shitty enough to want to bring everyone down to your level, it’s time to float the elders on an ice boat.




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