Day 6: Your Views on Mainstream Music


Honestly?? This is a topic? I have no views on mainstream music. Listen to what you like. Just like with everything, this is just a way to segregate people. I’m not into rap, but my husband is. Does that mean that we can’t enjoy each other? Not at all.

Mainstream or Indie, music is beautiful. It’s an expression both of the creator and the listener. I’ve met music snobs. People who will go through and decimate every last artist you like. Why? Well, because they don’t like them, of course.

Music is life to me. Whether it’s listening to the top 40, singing lullabies to the baby in my arms, or appreciating the new band my mbff is trying to introduce me to, music is what makes the world go ’round.

Listen to what makes your toes tap. Listen to what makes your heart skip a beat. Most of all, listen to what you love.



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