Day 2: Something you feel strongly about


My vagina.

Unless you’ve been invited, please stay out of it. Pro-choice or pro-life…doesn’t matter. Stay. Out. Of. My. Vagina. Unless it is doing something to personally offend you, that is. If she is robbing your house, by all means, send her to jail. Talking smack? Of course you can give her your defense argument.

My parenting style

Also, none of your business. If I choose to spank my child, it does not in any way affect you. Spankings are reserved for super heinous offenses, and I’d rather discipline them now, than have them in a cell next to your overindulged child. If I choose to tell my child that he doesn’t need a cell phone at 10 years old because I’m a sahm, so I’m always available, kindly keep your opinion to yourself. I don’t care that you bought one for little Johnny in case of an emergency. My child goes nowhere without my knowledge, and everywhere he does go, there’s a phone available.

Childhood obesity

Just stop it. Those children basically have no say in what is being put in their bodies. Be a parent. Instead of giving them koolaid and a Twinkie when they bug you to play with them GO OUTSIDE AND PLAY WITH THEM YOU SELFISH ASS!!!

My gawd! The list could go on forever! I have strong feelings about a lot of things, but the thing is, they’re my feelings. I don’t understand the need for people to tell me that my feelings are wrong. I will listen to your arguments. I will nod politely. Then I will do whatever the hell I FEEL like doing.

Oh the joys of being an American!


(Punishment or fun way to view fireworks?)

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