5 ways to win your heart


Ok. I’ll assume that the picture means that I should write about things that will win my heart and not yours, because I just don’t know any of you that well, and that would be strange.

Hmm… it’s been so long since someone has tried to win my heart. I’m a pretty simple person, and I don’t really know the etiquette of these kind of posts, so I’ll list them…. Letterman style.

5. Bring me flowers. Randomly and unexpectedly. I don’t want them after a fight. I don’t want them for my birthday. They don’t have to be expensive. I love mixed bouquets, especially if they are seasonal wildflowers

4. Take me to a live show. Comedy, music, theater… doesn’t matter. I live for a live show.

3. Comfort me when I’m sad. Does it happen often? Yes Really depends on my frame of mind. Being clinically depressed means that my happiness and sadness are completely sporadic. That means you’re on deck every damn moment of every damn day.

2. Cook for me. It could be bbq. I’m not picky. Just cook without my having to ask. I love to cook, but I enjoy feeling like I’m being taken care of.

1. Call me a special name. I prefer anything other than “babe”. Be original. Boo Boo Kitty Fuck is no longer original, so figure one out for yourself.

So, this is me. Like I said, it’s pretty easy to win my heart. After it happens is when high maintenance Hannah shows her face 🙂


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