Could we not…



I have a secret. I’m a southern woman, and I don’t (gasp) like football. I know!! Travesty.
Don’t get me wrong. I will sit through a Cowboys game, and I’ll talk shit about Romo, but don’t expect me to know what a 2 point conversion (or when the best time to try one) is. I don’t understand the rules of flagging. Don’t get me started on breaking the plane!! That just seems like cheating and I don’t like it.
I can easily admit that the appeal of the Super Bowl is the snacks, and also the Pepsi commercials which are always a treat.


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3 thoughts on “Could we not…

  1. HAHA!! I like the last one :-).
    I’m not a huge FB fan myself, but I’ve learned a lot about the game just by sitting through so many of them with the hubs. Still, I usually spend the entire game writing while “we” watch ;-).

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