Parent of the year up for grabs?


We have cut off our cable and internet for a while due to the children’s propensity to repeat everything they see/hear ad nauseum. We have two huge cd folders full of movies, with most being age appropriate for all of us, but not all of them.  With that in mind, here is something that happened the other night:

The mister starts watching Superbad (cue award music) with the children.  The kiddos are equal parts fascinated and horrified by the first 10 minutes of the movie. **If you haven’t seen this movie, the two main characters are discussing which porn site to subscribe to when they go to college the following year**  

The mister glances my way, and asks if I think he should turn the movie off.  For anyone who knows me, if you ask a stupid question, you will get a thoroughly sarcastic answer.  I tell him to do what he thinks is best (see, I held back. I DO have self control).  He decides that what is best is to keep it on for a few more minutes….self control backfires.

Cut to the scene in the convenience store. Jonah Hill, one of the main characters, picks up a magazine from the rack.  Lucky day! It’s a skin mag, and it doesn’t have the protective cover with the big, black bar across the model’s breasticles!!  The prince yells, “AWW YEAH!”, the mister says, “I’m turning this off”, and the princess mutters, “THANK YOU! Now I don’t have to hear about pa-chinas anymore!”

A day in my life, ladies and gents…


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