Full disclosure


I feel like I need to be completely honest right now. The journal posts from my Caring Bridge site will have references to God. They will also have scripture. I am letting you all know this because they will seem to be in opposition with some of my posts.

I am not “religious” by any definition of the word, I am more spiritual, if you will. That being said, a near death experience will usually make the most hard-hearted Atheists seek comfort and solace in a being that is purported to be all healing.

I curse, I use the Lord’s name in vain, I drink to excess, and occasionally I make really, really bad decisions that probably make God/Allah/Buddha/Ganesha cringe in disbelief. In other words, I am human. I am not writing this blog for judgement, but I do hope that my stories will reach people in one way or another. Whether as a kindred spirit or a public service announcement, it’s your call.

buddy christ


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