This is the story of a girl…


My first attempt at a blog was actually a means to communicate my fear of cancer and all that it entailed. It was fairly decent. I had some good feedback. Then I was “cured”.  I am currently a year and a half cancer free, and still fearful every day. Hopefully, this blog will prove to be as therapeutic as my Caring Bridge posts were. (I will post those periodically for those who don’t know my journey).

Along the way, I will be documenting all of the funny, crazy, ridiculous, and torturous things my children/husband do and say on a daily basis.  My children are my world, and they have my sense of humor, so when they aren’t making me pull my newly grown hair out, they are making me crack up. I can say that you will have the same reaction, dear reader, but unless you have a very dark sense of humor with a twist of sarcasm and a pinch of saltiness, I might be lying.

All names will be changed to protect the “innocent”, but I assure my friends there will be enough clues for you to figure out when I am talking about you.  A little background on my little family: my husband and I have been married since April 2002; our son was born December 2003; and our daughter was born April 2007.  For reference purposes, my husband will be referred to as “the mister” (or jerkface when he is being mean), my son is “the prince”, and my daughter is “the princess”.  I used to call them the boy and the girl until a friend called me on it, lol.  We are a slightly mixed family, as my husband is Hispanic and I am half. Neither of us know conversational Spanish, but we do know the bad words.  You will see some of these words peppered throughout this blog, and I will try to translate to the best of my ability.  If I don’t, remember, Google is your friend.


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